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Syrena Theatre


Syrena, the children’s and youth theatre, was set up in 1959 through the efforts of 17 voluntary organisations. To this day, Syrena stages productions of classic children’s literature, in Polish, involving polish children born abroad and in Poland and professional actors from Syrena. Since it started, Syrena has staged dozens of productions, its opening nights can be seen twice a year in the POSK theatre. Each production is preceded by a competition of young and older theatre enthusiasts to chose the best and most talented and casted them in appropriate roles. Through the efforts of the Chair, Krystyna Bell, productions are currently brought over from Poland and staged, under the watchful eyes of Polish directors, with the participation local young people. The productions are almost completely organised by children who are not only involved as actors but also in the process of preparing the production.

Telephone: 020 8840 5382, 077 7076 5983