Satta Hashem - 'Nothing is Unbeautiful' - 27 Feb - 17 March

The exhibition features the work of artist Satta Hashem and takes us through his life journey in paintings and drawings which function as his daily reflection on world events.
Satta is represented in a number of collections, including drawings in The British Museum’s permanent collections, and paintings in the Museum of Contemporary Arts, Kaleningrad, Russia; Leicester New Walk Museum and Art Gallery; and many private collections.
Satta has an MA in Fine Arts (1989), Mural Painting and Decorative Arts, from Leningrad Vera Mukhina Higher School of Art and Design, Leningrad, USSR.
In 2010, a hall at the Adult Education College, Leicester, containing two of his mural paintings, was re-named Satta Hashem Hall.

Born in Buhriz – Diyala, near Baghdad in 1959, Satta now lives and works in Leicester, UK.  He left Iraq when he was 18 years old, for Algeria where he started his education as an artist. He then moved to Russia to complete his education and then to Sweden, before settling in the UK in 2000.