About us


Why not become a member of POSK? Membership cost only £60 (for one person) or £120 (for an organisation) and is valid for life. For full details, please contact the POSK Secretariat at the following e-mail address admin@posk.org.

To download a POSK membership application form in PDF format, please use the link below. The printed out and completed form should be sent with a cheque or a bank transfer with your name as the reference to the value of £60 or £120 to:

240 King Street
London W6 0RF


Volunteer work

Are you interested in voluntary work popularising Polish culture and social initiatives in London? Do you have experience, can easily communicate with people and can you work in a team? If you answer 'yes' to these questions then our offer could be for you! POSK is an excellent place in which to further your professional qualifications and develop your interests. We are looking for people for voluntary work with high standards of personal culture, knowledge of the way the Polish Community works in Britain, a vision for the future development of the Centre, who are university graduates with degrees associated with the study of Culture and society. Join us today, send your CV and application letter to the following e-mail address admin@posk.org. If your proposal interests us we will reply to your application.