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This year, for the first time, the Polish Social and Cultural Association hosted a “Polish language holiday” organized by the Ravenscourt Park Polish School.

– Our main goal is to provide comprehensive education and maintain Polish cultural and linguistic heritage beyond the borders of our beloved Poland,” says Daria Wilkinson, the school’s director and organizer of “Feria z językiem polskim” (Winter holidays with Polish language ). – For the children it was great fun, and for us it was something much bigger than just a Polish adventure. Learning the Polish language is extremely important to us. It is the language of our homeland, our culture and identity.

The winter holiday program was an excellent opportunity for children to use the Polish language in practice through play, creativity and interaction. Each day, participants took part in a variety of educational, dance, art and craft activities that stimulate their imagination and develop their language skills.

As part of the activity, the children visited the Pilsudski Institute, where they were able to participate in a unique lesson in Polish history. At the Polish Library, they listened to a story read to them by a librarian. At the end of the visit, participants received commemorative door hangers with the inscription: “Do not disturb: reading.” Older children participated in classes that discussed the binding of books and Polish work.

Since the holidays took place at a time when the English traditionally celebrate Pancake Day, there was also a sweet touch. Children decorated previously prepared pancakes under the watchful eye of staff.

See you next time at POSK!

Małgorzata Mroczkowska

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